Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mostly Martha

Mostly Martha is a charming romantic comedy about a single woman whose life is disrupted when her neice, Lina, comes to live with her. In addition, her place as chief chef is challenged when a new Italian cook, Mario, is hired at the chic restaurant where she works. It's only with Mario's help that she gains Lina's confidence and love.

Not only does this film have an engaging story, but it shows an interesting blend of German and Italian cultural stereotypes. Martha is cool and aloof; Mario is exhuberant and engaging. Martha confronts Mario about taking her job away. He threatens to quit. Both show emotions typical of each others' cultures. But Mario's Italian charm wins Lina and through Lina he eventually gains Martha's respect, then her love. In the meantime we are treated to visuals of some very enticing meals.

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