Sunday, February 26, 2006

Prince and Me 2

I like chick flicks. They bring my daughter and me together on Saturday nights for a laugh and popcorn. But this flick was disappointing and predictable to the point of being a cliche.

Commoner is engaged to prince. But rival comes into scene and points out prince can't marry because of rule against marrying commoners. Rival woos prince while embarrassing commoner. Rival gets prince almost to the alter, when commoner finds loophole. Prince marries commoner who gets revenge on rival. Dah! Acting was as bad as the story line. No wonder Julia Stiles didn't want to do this movie.

Supposedly set in Denmark, it says more about the snobbery of royalty than it does about Danish culture. Maybe the only cultural comment is that the Danes love their king. I would think the whole movie would be an affront to the Danes. Scenery was nice and inviting. However, Americans who decide they want to visit Denmark because of this movie should be warned that it was actually filmed in.... Where was it filmed? The Czech Republic.

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