Friday, September 10, 2004

Review of Brigham City by Dennis Schwartz


"I guess the big surprise for me was in how well the murder mystery was crafted and so smoothly intertwined with the film's religious trappings." -Dennis Schwartz

Swartz comments: "The film is unique in the way it so easily interweaves the church Sunday meetings and group prayer sessions in with the murder investigation, and though its aim is to get across its faith-based message the film nevertheless remains entertaining." This intermingling of mystery and Mormon culture makes this movie appealing to me. Brigham City was created for a Mormon audience, but it also can stand alone as a mystery story. My students who are non-LDS were also entertained and found the interweaving of religious symbolism, enhanced rather than detracted from the movie. If there is a faith-based message, it is that among all congregations may be wolves dressed in sheeps clothing. There is certainly no effort in the movie to proselytize, even to the converted. The church meettings and prayer sessions added to the basic plot and theme.

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